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JB-M series

This series of products are equipped with DC0-10V dimming module, WIFI module, curtain control module, IR module and other modules.

Our product series include distribution box, power protection, switch control, measurement and monitoring device and switch socket. In the whole world, our modular and intelligent elements and systems can bring the customers unprecedented advantages that are beyond their imagination, and the advantages were not limited to the whole use cycle. We developed our products respectively in accordance with various international standards and our products bring you leading designs and various innovative functions with unique high quality.

• Higher load power, can be equipped with high-power silicon box, suitable for smart lighting control;

• Use 32 bits high performance processor for faster computing speed;

• Use international standard TCP/IP protocol for more stable communication;

• High cost performance, free combination of functions, higher flexibility and more convenient maintenance;

• Support site programming;

• Support remote upgrade;

• Support extended WIFI interface, IR interface and MODBUS interface;

• Support IPAD mobile control;

• Support WeChat mobile control.

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