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JB-MH series

This series of products are equipped with power supply module, main control module, relay switching module, SCR dimming module, DC0-10V dimming module, fan coiler control module, four-wire system module, IR module and other modules.

◆ Hotel Special Function Module

• Can meet all special control functions and control logics of hotel;

• Can easily realize personalized control needs of hotel;

• Hotel special modular host, with higher load power, uniquely designed for luxurious hotel projects;

• Adopt 32 bits high performance processor for fast computing speed;

• Use international standard TCP/IP protocol for more stable communication;

• High cost performance, free combination of functions, higher flexibility and more convenient maintenance;

• Support site programming;

• Support remote upgrade;

• Support extended WIFI interface, IR interface and MODBUS interface;

• Support IPAD mobile control;

• Support WeChat mobile control.

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