Production Advantage

The company has powerful and large scale and systematic production capacity, and its matchless variety of production equipments have ensured Jobo to timely and efficiently meet the demand of customers for production and meet the market demand with high quality and sufficient quantity.


R&D Advantage

"To do good work, we must first sharpen the tools". The success of Jobo was inseparable from the best armed R&D center equipped with high-tech facilities. Jobo has the largest R&D laboratory, R&D team and technical support team in this industry. The employees who have obtained doctorate, master or undergraduate educational qualifications accounted for 60% of the workforce. The company established Hotel and Furnishing Intelligent Control System Engineering Technology Research Center in Huicheng District.

Jobo relied on the good science and technology resources of multiple top universities and research institutions in China and the accurate high-tech development direction, to constantly improve and upgrade the product performance. Up to now, several control hosts and switch panels developed by Jobo have become the models for the peers in this industry to copy and imitate.